Home ALONE sweet home.
It might be the most famous façade ever shown in a movie.
And yet, when you look at it closer, there are some interesting interior inconsistencies wich spark here and there — a third window in Buzz's room for exemple, appearing out of thin air. Or the whole parent's bathroom, that simply doesn't exist when you look at the building from outside.

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Short story long : it was a film set. But after re-creating the entire wallpaper collection of the Home last year, I wanted to bring them back where they've always belonged : on the walls ! Leading to the absolute question, because we can't trust the real exterior anymore : what does the McCallister House actually look like ?

Some have already tried to establish a map of the home, but it's mostly hit and miss.
So I started watching the movie over and over to understand how all the rooms articulate with each other, trying to replicate the most accurate house ever.

Wallpaper-folds accurate.
Parquet accurate if possible !
A miniature version of the actual set. What cast and crew witnessed with their own eyes during production.
And so with it, making it possible for me to (almost) be there ; 30 years after.
1st attempt.
(When I thought I nailed it.)
I tried to start using my computer only. Beginning with the hall, matching the patterns as closely as possible. But, maybe my wallpaper wasn't accurately proportioned, and I was stuck with the first floor : there are 25 stair bars upstairs, but my model would totalize at least 30 or more ! Too wide...
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2nd attempt.
(When I did not.)
So long computer. Let's make it real.
I printed my wallpaper out and started to cut and glue pieces together. It was a fun process and it worked way better for me to understand the overall structure of the hall. But, still, I had trouble to fit the stair properly. Stair bars count problem persisted, size of the steps bothered me, etc. —> Fun fact, Home Alone 2 would not help me at all : there are 9 bars in the hall foyer in the first movie, there are 10 in the sequel...)
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3rd attempt.
(Back on Illustrator.)
While understanding the structure better, I could open my computer back, and focus this time on fitting the bloody stair. 25 bars upstair. I need 25 bars upstairs. And 33 along the 11 central steps of the main stair... Mathematics.... Yerk......
Spoiler alert. It seemed to work, but no (when trying to match the living room...)
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4th attempt.
(Back. Again.)
I decided to go from scratch with my proportions. And not use the pattern as a guide, but define the door size to report it everywhere. I ended up having to stretch my wallpaper a bit. Stair was good. Bar count were good. This time, I really thought I had it.
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5th attempt.
(But no.)
Living room was too weird. It ended up being almost square. Which I knew it wasn't. So I went back to the drawing board. Focusing on the main structure of the house. Counting bricks to grasp a glimpse of proportions. Even if I knew it might have nothing to do with the actual set. (Real house has 6 bars un the foyer for exemple... Way smaller.)
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6th attempt.
(Let's go kitchen.)
Time to move forward. Never mind. It won't be as accurate as I intended... But I have to finish the rez-de-chaussée. Defining the size of the tiling was painful. I helped me with the wallpaper pattern, and then it was !
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7th attempt.
(And then it was not.)
Big problem. The door of the kitchen did not match (at all) the door of the hall. Except... It's the same door.....
Needed a break to not go crazy.
8th attempt.
(Start again. Again. (Again. Again. Again. Again. Again. Again.)
The kitchen. I knew it from the beginning but it did not occurred to me at first... It has the most accurate pattern ! Thanks to the big front shot on the movie ! Therefore, I ought to start BY the kitchen. It would necessarily give me all the measurement for the rest. Door, wallpaper size, etc. And guess what ? It did ! This it the first time I touched the "end" of the fist part of the project : making the plan.
9th attempt.
Ah! Ah!
Buzz's room.

I counted, re-counted and counted again the numbers of lines. Because I knew I was accurate (regarding the proportions of the actual posters). But when trying to put the first floor on top of the ground floor... His room would not fit the overall size of the building... Why ! Why !
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10th attempt.
Here I am now, trying to reconcile the ground floor and the first floor. While keeping the actual wallpaper folds. (I could cheat. I won't.) I'm even asking myself if they did not had two separate sets. One for each floor, and if, from the very beginning, the two floors aren't compatible; or if I made a mistake somewhere (in my memory) that I still have to figure out.

But for now my main question is : why the heck did they move up this wall lamp during production.
Stay tuned !